How to celebrate the New Year in Russia

New Year in Russia is celebrated noisy, fun and long!

Most people begin to celebrate the holiday on December 31, and end in the tenth of January. For many years now, Russians are legally entitled to New Year holidays, which last about ten days. During this time, you can manage to do a lot: visit all relatives, friends, visit New Year trees and other holiday events, you can even take a short vacation by leaving for another city or country. More interesting news .

The New Year’s night itself, from December 31 to January 1, is usually spent with relatives, because this holiday is considered family and home.

Over the long history of the holiday, Soviet, European, American and other traditions managed to mix. It can sometimes be difficult to remember and figure out which rites of the New Year’s celebration are originally Russian and which were borrowed. But this is not so important, because the main thing is that these familiar things and actions create the very magical New Year’s atmosphere!

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