Where is a cheap vacation at the sea this summer?

The only “substitute” for Egypt at the moment offers everything the same as its “big brother”: warm sea, resort-type hotels with everything you need, lots of water activities, Arabic flavor, hot sun and excursion program.

True, it is poorer than the Egyptian, but Carthage, the Sahara and the troglodyte caves will not leave you indifferent. Although the Mediterranean Sea is warm here, it is slightly cooler than the Red Sea, but the underwater world does not shine with such a variety as in the Land of the Pyramids. In any case, Tunisia has its trump cards at a fairly attractive price https://flytravelling.com/.

Among the beachfront Western Europe, Italy has long been number 1 in terms of the number of tourists from Russia. Despite the huge choice of beaches (Italy is washed by the seas from all sides except the Alps), tourists mostly go to Rimini. But, in addition to the rest of the coastal territory, there are also the magnificent islands of Sicily and Sardinia. But the interest in Rimini is often dictated by a simple calculation: there is a huge number of hotels, including budget ones, and tour operators place charters in this city with wide beaches. In addition, there is one of the largest amusement parks for children nearby and San Marino duty-free shopping state for moms.

If we take other parts of Italy, then the price tag will no longer be so humane, but the country can boast of rather moderate prices for food and transport compared to other Western European countries. More expensive than in Greece, but clearly cheaper than in the Benelux and Scandinavian countries. In addition, in terms of sights per square meter, Italy confidently leaves behind all other countries of the world, and you can even pay extra for this.

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